ESQ Fellowships

ESQ Postdocs: What we offer ...

  • Who is the ESQ Target Group?
    • Fellowships are open to Experienced Researchers of any nationality with an outstanding research track record in Quantum Science and Technology and who can contribute substantially to the goals of ESQ within its pool of intellectual capacity and research infrastructure.
  • Where can you be integrated for ESQ research?
    • Fellows will be free to choose among all ESQ research groups that have matching interests and are willing to host the candidate. These groups are working either in Vienna or in Innsbruck.
  • What renumeration can you expect?
    • The ESQ fellows will be renumerated on equal level with nationally funded postdocs.
    • In 2017, the gross annual salary will be 50,170 €.  
    • The contract includes social security and health insurance 
  • Contract duration?
    • The contract is for a fixed period of 2 years.  

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