ESQ Member

Arno Rauschenbeutel

Arno Rauschenbeutel is a Professor at the TU Wien. He is the director of the Atominstitut and the head of the Applied Quantum Physics Group (AQP). They pioneered the use of optical nanofibers in quantum optical experiments, demonstrated trapping of atoms in the evanescent field surrounding optical nanofibers, and showed that the strong confinement of light in nanophotonic devices leads to direction-dependent light–matter interaction, thereby initiating the field of Chiral Quantum Optics.

Future ESQ fellows will work in the interdisciplinary field of quantum nanophotonics. They will design and fabricate nanophotonic components which are optimized for optically interfacing atoms, molecules, and solid state-based quantum emitters. These experiments will explore the fundamental consequences of the chiral interaction between confined light fields and emitters. On the application side, they will lead to the development of quantum optical devices for routing and processing (quantum) information in an integrated optical environment.

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Vienna University of Technology