ESQ Member

Ben Lanyon

Ben Lanyon is a Senior Scientist at IQOQI Innsbruck. He is exploring and developing novel approaches to build quantum networks and hybrid quantum systems. Specifically, he is working on an optical interface to allow trapped ions to communicate with a broad range of other examples of quantum matter. A long term goal is to develop the ability to distribute entanglement over arbitrary distances and to apply this capability to enable new quantum-enhanced measurements. He currently leads a team of 1 postdoc, 3 PhD students and a Master student. Future ESQ postdocs would have the opportunity to learn about, and contribute to, a broad range of topics in Dr. Lanyon’s new research team, including atomic physics, non-linear optics, cavity-quantum electrodynamics and quantum information science.

Research Group
IQOQI Innsbruck (ÖAW)