ESQ Member

Jörg Schmiedmayer

Jörg Schmiedmayer is a Professor at the Vienna University of Technology, heading the Atom and Quantum Optics Group (AQO) at the Atominstitut. The central research themes are non-equilibrium many body quantum physics probed by ultra-cold quantum gases, and spins in solids probed by optical spectroscopy and superconducting micro wave circuits. He has trained >25 PhD students and hosted >10 postdocs. Future ESQ fellows will find research opportunities around the development of new probes into many body physics, the study of non-equilibrium quantum fields, quantum simulations of cosmological relevant physics like inflation or hawking radiation, the study of many body effects in dens spin ensembles probed by micro wave quantum circuits or the development of a quantum node as building block for quantum networks. The questions addressed by AQO require highly interdisciplinary expertise and have attracted postdoctoral fellows as well as research collaborations from quantum optics, atomic physics, statistical physics, quantum field theory and cosmology.

Research Group
Vienna University of Technology